I wanna go to heaven, but I don’t wanna die.


"boys don’t like girls who wear make-up."

"boys don’t like girls who eat too much."

"boys don’t like girls who talk too much."

sounds like boys are gay.

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Haven’t drawn anything purely for myself in a long while, so I took some time on the trip to draw this ADORABLE ELK/KIRIN BB that LYNN made for me for the secret santa design trade I was in! I am absolutely in love with this character and had so much fun drawing him/her <3 I’m thinking it’s going to be good friends with Cypress and will bug him all the time and will probably have a plant-based name like he does. I can’t wait to flesh out this character aaaahhhh so much love for it omg

day 3 - fave dragon

New logo for my work (+icon)! I was sorely in need of one. It really represents the kind of illustration I enjoy making and the direction I want to go with my art.
<---DONT REMOVE---->